Thursday, January 23, 2014

Here's another old quilt I made in 1986, called "New Wave Bow-tie." It's my thirteenth finished quilt. I think this was about the last quilt I hand quilted. Also, it has a wool batting that had just become available commercially. When I was "working" at Crazy Ladies and Friends quilt store, a customer came in and was describing what she said was "The ugliest quilt ever made." And this was it! I laughed and said "I made that." Another complaint about this quilt was that all of the palm trees in the peach bow-ties are facing up.
And here's my other activity of the day besides shoveling snow. I used the Hoffman California purple angel fish (#3) as the backing to the Ocean Wave quilt I showed a few posts back. I was looking for the blue colorway for that fabric that I was convinced I still had. I found it in yellow (#1) and pink (#2). At the time these were considered shockingly bright. They were also called batiks except they are printed with fake crack lines that wax would make in a real batik fabric. 

I was certain #4 was the blue colorway except it has different fish. Then there is #6 which has angel fish, but in a different style and with two colors. And #5 is more of the color I remembered as the blue colorway, and although it is also in the same Hoffman California fabric line, the palm trees are definitely not angel fish.

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  1. I have that same bow-tie quilt with the same "new wave" fabric in purples and turquoise! I didn't realize you had done one as well. The date on mine is 1985. I think your dates are off by about a year or so, unless it took you a year to do the hand-quilting, which is a possibility!

    Yeah, I remember all of those Hoffman prints. Thankfully I don't have them anymore!