Saturday, January 11, 2014

Here's the QOV quilt top after its 24 hour soak. The dingy blurred look is just poor photography. Rest assured the soak was a complete success and the white is white and the red and blue are where they belong. The top needs a careful ironing and then it can be layered and quilted. This has given me more confidence...which I need before I soak a finished quilt that I know will bleed and that has a commercial fabric that could have a second career as a dye catcher sheet.
It has taken me a while to reconstruct the ins and outs of weaving. So it is a slow go. The warp is 510 ends of pearl cotton, about 34 inches across. I can't say more because it's a surprise for my sister.  Oops.
Tommy has joined me in the room with the loom but is obviously reminiscing about his two day stupor in front of the wood stove.


  1. So glad that the soak worked out!

  2. 34 inches of pearl cotton??? Yikes! That sounds like quite a warping chore. What's the weft?