Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Welcome to 2014. I'm celebrating the New Year with the beautiful suncatcher I won as part of the Real Studio Tour sponsored by Vicki W.

And what would a new year be without resolutions? It's so much fun to chart a new course and develop new strategies for improvement. And I have simplified everything down to three resolutions.

1. Buy no new fabric in 2014.
2. Improve staff meeting attendance and participate with a better attitude.
3. Before acting, ask myself "What could possibly go right?"

This last one may need some explanation. When I was young, my grandfather passed away from complications of a pogo stick accident. Recently, at about 11pm one evening, I found myself dangling from the attic opening over a tipped ladder. This suggested a common inherited trait that might benefit from first asking "What could possibly go right?" Although I didn't wait to adopt this new strategy, I think I will benefit from carrying it forward into the new year.

And, of course, it is probably quite obvious that Tommy sees no need for New Year's resolutions. However, he is quite busy this morning developing and implementing more staff performance metrics which I am sure to hear all about at the next staff meeting.


  1. I'm glad you like the suncatcher! Good luck on those resolutions! :)

  2. Lucky you winning the sun catcher - not a good idea with the window!