Tuesday, February 25, 2014

 Today, I (Tommy, your guest blogger) am going to explain how I made this crane without measurements. That's right. No ruler. Only a rotary cutter! And in five easy steps!

First, I cut the triangle for the crane's hind end, then added the dark background fabric on two sides. Next, I cut away the excess. Second, I took another fabric and cut a triangle, added more fabric to that and cut away the excess to make a square. Then I did that again. Then I trimmed the squares to be the same size. Third, I made another triangle and added a strip to that and cut away the excess. Then I cut a strip and added more background fabric and cut away the excess. Oops! Call staff to sew a y-seam. Fourth, I took more background fabric and added it all around and cut away the excess. Finally, I called staff to clean up the mess and give me a massage. Using my technique, you will need roughly one yard each of three or four fabrics.
You're welcome! Tommy

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