Thursday, June 26, 2014

Everyone who has a triangle die cutter should congratulate themselves. I am cutting the HSTs for the Omigosh quilt with the EZ ruler. I have found that the ruler gives me more accuracy than some other methods. And this approach lets me spend a lot of time handling beautiful hand-dyed fabric. Only 77 more sets to go.
I have a lot of projects going all at once which admittedly is kind of fun. On some days I focus on one project at a time, but today I eeked out some time on a lot of different projects. And, of course, Project Tommy got the most attention, but apparently that was not enough.


  1. He really does love that pillow!! Looks like he is hard at work, at least his eyes are open. I have seen the omigosh quilt done in lots of colors, but not the rainbow. This will be fun to see.

  2. I am not up with the play on the omigosh quilt - I must google and see exactly what it is, whatever I love your colours !