Monday, September 15, 2014

Just my luck. The kittens were "returned to sender." A postal worker heard a lot of swearing and threatening language, so they opened the box. Apparently, kittens are one of those dangerous substances that you can't send by mail. Who knew?

And to make matters worse, the box came back with a new litter of 9 black and white kittens. These colors are not sanctioned by the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge! I hope this doesn't mean that I'll be eliminated from the challenge.


  1. Wow they can make one really big quilt!

  2. I love the black and white batch of kittens. Roary is my tri-pod cat and he is black and white. He was hit by a car many many years ago and his life was saved but his back leg was so shattered my vet thought it would be best to remove it. Most of the time he gets along just fine

  3. I hate to inform you that b/w IS a RSC color. I just don't think it has arrived yet. Oh, and if those kittens were packaged up and mailed to IA I doubt they would return. Our cat house (aka bed/breakfast) is just too cushy and the cats have all now grown into worthless bums. What happens in our cat house stays in our cat house.