Tuesday, November 4, 2014

After the endless purple towel, I decided to weave a simple chenille scarf. And now I remember why I enjoy weaving.

And for quilters, I should mention that this pattern is called the log cabin. It's made by alternating light and dark threads in the warp, and then doing the same thing in the weft.

And just like with patchwork, I'm not using enough contrast. These two colors look they are light and dark to me, but when woven together in this pattern, they come off medium blue, because they are really a medium light and a medium dark. Similarly, with my legos quilt, I have not used enough high contrast--really light, really dark--so when the patches come together I'm just getting a mass of medium bright. But I have plenty of more legos blocks to make so I'm hoping to turn that ship around.


  1. I think it's beautiful as it is! I like the subtle color play.

  2. I love both colours of chenille you've used here but like Vicki above I do like the subtlety of the finished scarf.

  3. Looks gorgeous to me and looks so soft. I want to touch it! Log cabin, eh? And now I know.