Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Squirrel 2.0

Here's the revised squirrel. I did use a polka dot for the eye...and gave him a shifty look. He wanted to be looking backwards in case someone tries to steal his nut. I think he understands that my sewing room isn't a particularly safe place.

The temperature is supposed to dip into single digits tonight, so I lit a fire in the woodstove. Unfortunately I don't have Tommy to give me guidance. It used to drive me crazy because he would sit in front of the woodstove and yeow nonstop until I started the fire or added wood. When it got warm enough he would finally stop yeowing and settle down on his cushion (aka throne) in front of the woodstove. Now I miss the reverse smoke alarm. Even at 3 AM.


  1. Now there's the rodent I recognize! Enjoy your fire. I'm building one in the basement tomorrow so I can dye all day.

  2. Smitty would like to have him for lunch.

  3. Beautiful! I like this squirrel better. And I love raccoons! I raised 7 one year and released them back to the wild. Was a wildlife care rehabber a long, long time ago.

    Enjoy your fire. We cannot burn anything here in Sacramento until the Air Quality Management says we can. Have not been able to use the pellet stove since Christmas.