Friday, March 13, 2015

Foxy Friday

Today I planned to show you my newly pieced fox block. But instead you get to see my deformed fused applique fox quilt I made back in 2011. Yikes! It looks like Mr. Fox is peeking out of an ostrich egg. Plus, I don't know who planted that paw print on his face.

Meanwhile a lot of weird things have been happening to me lately, like when blogospheres collided yesterday. Vicki W. (and her mother!) kidnapped me and drove me to one quilt shop after another, forcing me to buy fabric I don't need. Then they dropped me off in the middle of a city miles from home. I would have written it off as a crazy dream except for all the new fabric and batting for the origami cranes quilt.


  1. I have to agree he does look slightly tubby and also bemused! Maybe he's waiting to see your pieced foxy.

  2. Yes, he's a little freaky! Of course the problem now is that any time I need a specific fabric I am going to have to kidnap you so you can find it for me. You'll just have to suffer the consequences of your own purchases. It was great fun to finally meet you!