Saturday, April 11, 2015

Fabric Stash Removal

Let me share my regrets that I haven't had much to show that is quilting related because I haven't been anywhere near a sewing machine. Instead I have been involved in a long intense legal battle where I have finally admitted defeat. As you know, after Tommy passed, he bequeathed my fabric stash to Vicki W. and put Mr. McKibble in charge of his estate. I hired Ms. Fluffy to try to prove that Tommy was incompetent when he wrote the will...and needless to say both sides have exhaustive documentation of my incompetence while no one can find evidence that Tommy did anything wrong, ever. 

 So I hope Vicki W. enjoys it all, although I have to give her credit for having absolutely nothing to do with this whole cat fight, I mean legal battle.


  1. Oh No!!!!! Not the fabric!!!!

    As an aside, I do so enjoy your sense of humor! (and your quilting)

  2. Your creative mind never ceases to amaze me. No surprise that Tommy never did anything wrong.. ever. Cats are like that.

  3. Those empty shelves look pretty sad!!! So good to hear of Mr McKibble again and Ms Fluffy and of course Tommy.

  4. How many boxes did it take to pack it all up? I hope you've given the boxes creative labels to entertain the movers. 400 boxes labeled "fabric" might make them think you are a little cuckoo. Oh look! The walls are white and the carpet is pink and it's all in pristine condition!

    1. can count them when they arrive.

      And each box is labeled:

      You're welcome!

  5. I see a halo over Tommy in his picture. Is Ms Fluffy a "blonde" colored cat?

  6. Heavens! the whole "kit" and kaboodle?? ;--))) lol hugs, Julierose

  7. I gave away my fabric stash, too, years ago when it fell over and almost killed one of my cats in the 1994 Northridge earthquake. Never looked back.