Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Love Birds

As part of the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge, I need to come up with a green bird. I find myself going back to some fused applique designs I made back in 2011 as part of Vicki W.'s journal project. I think love birds will work. Now I just need to work them up on graph paper.

But I also have to finish the purple swamp hen (or pukeko in New Zealand) for last month.

And in garden news...I now have TWO rabbits that have set up residence in my yard.


  1. These lovebirds are beauties! I'm looking forward to seeing your pukeko.

  2. Oh Loving the love birds--just adorable hugs,Julierose

  3. These lovebirds are just beautiful. The background print is well chosen, as is their torso fabric, just love it.