Thursday, October 8, 2015

Buffalo Tree Hopper

Here is the Dear Jane E4 or Buffalo Tree Hopper. In the book and quilt, there are set-in seams from the points of the diamond at top left and bottom right to their respective corners. I switched the seam lines because there was enough fiddling going on to make the tree hopper wings, legs, horns or whatever those extensions are. (To see a photo of an actual Buffalo Tree Hopper, visit the Fabadashery blog here.)

Otherwise, there was not much sewing today. I have been tending to Roy who was under the weather after the trip to the shelter yesterday. He actually sat in my lap and licked my fingers...that's how sickly he's been. He said it was due to the devastating news that he remains assigned to a severe fabric hoarder for two more weeks. But I have since learned he's been hoarding his own foster internal parasites and the medicine he received yesterday is forcibly evicting them. (A good reason why fostering is easier in a pet-free home.)


  1. That sounds unpleasant for everyone involved!

  2. Somehow a Buffalo Tree Hopper sounds like something Hagrid would be fostering...