Sunday, October 4, 2015

Roy's Progress Report

Roy has made excellent progress. When he first arrived, he was an attack kitten with a hand obsession. When I threw a toy, he bit my hand. If I used a wand toy, he attacked the hand. If I held him, he gnawed on my hands.

To adapt to Roy's special needs, Kitten U converted to KMI--Kitten Military Institute where Roy was forced to run laps chasing a wand toy, endured hours of chasing thrown toys, had to battle with stuffed toys (not hands!). Bites led to puffs of air and the dreaded time out. I even put lemon juice on my hands--which worked for about ten minutes--but then like a sugar addict pulling a cake from the trash can, Roy would bite my hands anyway.

Now, after a week at KMI, Roy now chases thrown toys. He can even initiate play with cat toys. And when he lapses into biting and attacks, they are much gentler.

So the extra good news is that Roy has graduated from KMI and is now enrolled at Kitten U. He has already passed exams in tissue paper, scrunched paper balls, and tiered roller ball. He excels at multi-tasking--playing with several toys at once. Or maybe he has kitten ADD. He is now taking lessons in the sewing room including runway running and strip pile mining.

I am only using a very small pile of strips to begin with because I don't want to overwhelm him.


  1. You are doing a stirling job. We look forward to hearing of Roy's eventual adoption.

  2. Oh excellent work from the trainer!!! The strip pile is a good idea for occupying him.

  3. As long as Roy doesn’t go back and tell the other felines that you taught him to strip.....