Thursday, November 12, 2015

Feral Cats: Fabric and Fur

A lot of things are coming together here at Kitten U. First, in fabric, the musical lion top is finished. The lions were excited to learn that I have been busy fattening up some feral kittens. The lions mistakenly think the kittens will be lunch.

As you can see, Cyclone is busy fattening herself. She is the most trusting and is eating with her back to me. Her already fattened sister Hurricane is heading back into the hidey hole to check on her brother Typhoon. This photo answers the meteorological question of whether a Cyclone and a Hurricane can coexist in the same hemisphere.

Cyclone is the obvious star at Kitten U. Here she is figuring optimal kitten to staff ratios. She has already mastered the tiered roller ball wheel and passed intro to feather toy. Her brother Typhoon continues to skip classes in favor of playing videos in his man cave.

Meanwhile, back at the shelter, some of the new kittens are busy learning to pose. This is Phil. An obvious star pupil.

This is Tucker who may need an attitude adjustment before the big adoption event on Saturday.


  1. I love your lions!
    But, oh man, I really really love Tucker...

  2. You really go from one extreme to another with your students! That Tucker looks like big trouble. He's going to need a swear jar, you can just tell that he intends to put all people in their proper place and he's not going to be nice about it.

  3. Perhaps it's too windy for Typhoon what with Hurricanes and Cyclones. Maybe he's one of those man cats who is overly concerned about his appearance, and he doesn't want his hair blown back. Besides, I'd be worried with lions smacking their lips too.