Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fabric and Cat Toys

I am using a lot of Kaffe Fassett's Chalk Spot fabric and needed to buy some more. I stumbled on a sale, and I mean it when I say stumble. Here is some of the damage.

Here is some of the novelty damage. And what are the monkeys doing in there?

I also bought substantial amounts of background fabrics to use for the RSC 2016 challenge. Even the Violet Craft cat fabric in the truffle colorway was on sale.

A package of cat toys arrived on Monday. A properly socialized kitten would have placed the order on Monday to get the best price, but a feral kitten has to have the mousie toys ASAP.

And in other news...Team Storm has moved its headquarters to the recently renovated Camp Roy. This means that Team Storm now occupies the master bedroom and bath. All three have adapted surprisingly quickly and Typhoon is spending more time out in the open. Cyclone and Hurricane chase each other all around the space and are living up to their names.


  1. Well you seem to be getting organised in good time for RSC2016 and know what you're going to be doing - I'm still pondering! What need I say about your KF fabrics - I love the fourth from the left, very rich and regal colours, this is one I used in Northern Lights. Pleased the kitties are expanding their territory.

  2. Great fabrics. You did a good job helping the economy. LOVE the cat fabric!!

  3. I didn't realize that Team Storm were feral, but that would explain their underclasscat studies (string theory excepted, of course). I'm so happy to learn that Kitten U doesn't discriminate!! And thrilled to know that the students are progressing so nicely. I broke down and bought fabric, too, during the online Black Friday through Cyber Monday sales. But only 14 yards (only?!?) - all solids.

  4. *ahem* There's some fabric headed my way, too. Including some of those catfaces, too.
    Glad to hear Team Storm is continuing in their studies. Ruckus 101 is a very important part of any field of study.