Sunday, December 6, 2015

Valentine Owl

Valentine Owl is here to warn you that you only have two months of shopping until Valentine's Day. That means you will need to stockpile cards, candy, fresh cut flowers, and small rodents to give to your special loved ones.

And here is Dear Jane block E5 or Rising Sun. Unlike the Vintage Spin block (with 20 wedges), the Rising Sun has 16 wedges and uses a 22.5 degree wedge ruler.


  1. Thanks for the technical help on the Dear Jane blocks - there is ruler?

  2. Sixteen wedges is way better than 20...

    The cat hasn't been bringing us so many small rodents lately - perhaps he's just stockpiling them somewhere, in anticipation of Valentine's Day...

  3. Thanks for the Valentine's Day warning. What disparate projects!

  4. I certainly appreciate the reminder to stockpile rodents, but am passing that task on to Alfalfa and Darla. They're not likely to find any in the house, but it might keep them away from the shiny things hanging on the tree.