Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dear Jane G12

Here is Dear Jane block G12 or Gloriae. It is the only block that I was missing from Draw 10. There were many ways to go with the construction of particular, the background. And contrary to my usual process, I chose paper piecing.

Here is the background for the block. Next, I appliqued the large curved piece on top of it, then I added flip triangles of the green and then flip triangles of the background in each of the corners.

But most of the day centered around taking Molly to the vet for a general health exam and to finally resolve her itchy ears. This time around there wasn't a single hiss, but only some frantic attempts to get out of the carrier. And once she was in the vet's examination room, she was very accepting of everyone's adoration and comments on how soft her fur is.  

Tomorrow we expect to be in the middle of the snow storm, so I will have to fit her with snowshoes and a snow shovel so she can help dig out. She thinks she was being helpful by meowing at the knee wall space in the sewing room, but frankly I'm in no mood to find out who is living in there. One year Tommy and Jimmy coaxed a bat out of the space and into the house, and they enjoyed that very much. But it was about time for Molly to confirm that I'm no fun.


  1. Oh you've used one of my very favourite Philip Jacobs fabrics here!! Wonderful looking block.
    The knee wall space sounds as if there may be something very exciting for Molly in there - go on - see what she can find!

  2. Poor Molly - first the carrier, then the vet, and then the wall-fun denial. It's a tough life...