Friday, February 12, 2016

A Return to Bounding Bunnies

The bounding bunnies are back. A while ago I figured out a layout for this quilt. Right facing bunnies on one side, left facing bunnies on the other, with carrots as a column between them. I also figured out how many bunnies of each color I needed. These are 7 of the 23 left facing bunnies that I need to make.
And here is Typhoon's Life is Unfair block. It will join the Dear Jane Alternate Universe collection. As you can see, life is unfair because one block is bigger than the other, and then to make things worse, the large square is fussy cut.

But Typhoon is really fitting in quite well. He has taken over one of Molly's nests in the fabric stash for his daytime napping. It's still hiding, but at least its creative hiding and better than sleeping under a bed.  The shelves of fabric are also fun for sneak attacks. And this afternoon, when Molly went to nap in her batting bed, Typhoon went and kept her company. Apparently sleeping with the warden is allowed at Kitten Korrectional Facility.


  1. I'm enormously fond of the bounding bunnies. I'm 'rooting' for them to catch those carrots. (Sorry. I can't help it.)
    Perhaps the Life is Unfair block could be incorporated into a bed for Typhoon. Though the fair/unfair juxtaposition might cause a singularity...

  2. Love those carrots! Is that your own design? Is it weird to like all things carrot?

  3. I'm so happy to see that bounding bunnies are back, along with their carrots!