Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jane, Molly and Typhoon

First, let's catch up with Dear Jane. Here is block G13 or Molly's Muffins. I used the color layout that Fabadashery used which avoids a big blob (or muffin) in the middle.

To make my version however, I made two blocks. The circle like figure is cut out of the block on top, and then using Dale Fleming's simple circle technique, I sew the bottom block underneath the top block so the bottom block is inlaid under the circular opening.

And this is Dear Jane Block G11 or Decisions Decisions. This is simply a nine patch with diamonds appliqued on top. I use pins instead of glue for the applique and often find my diamond points drift.

Meanwhile, I didn't want to reintroduce Molly (Hurricane) and Buddy (Typhoon) too soon, but they decided that playing pawsies under the door was lame. Here, Warden Molly is explaining the rules of the Kitty Korrectional Facility to Typhoon. Typhoon is very shy and hides and sleeps under the bed during the day. So today, Molly left me alone in the sewing room while she slept on top of the bed Typhoon was under.

Molly takes all of her roles seriously. Because she had left me alone so much of today, she had a spirited burst in the sewing room where she climbed the design wall to scatter blocks and used her teeth to pull at one block I had pinned. Then she almost toppled the ironing board, and knocked offending items off the cutting table. But much of her time is spent making up lost time with Typhoon and showing him around the place at a gallop.

Typhoon developed a complete nocturnal schedule while at the shelter, so he sleeps all day and then purrs and rubs against my head all night. While he actually looks like a convict in this photo, he's really just trying to figure out the camera with the flashing light. Although he is still very skittish, he seems especially happy to be reunited with his bossy sister.


  1. (I like how Buddy's face is like a reverse raccoon.)
    It was nice of Molly to try not to leave you out of today's activities. I'm sure she was afraid you'd be lonely if she left you alone too long.

  2. I'm glad that Molly and Buddy remembered each other. Sounds like Molly has things under control, relatively speaking.

  3. Well Molly sounds to be entering into the spirit of things doesn't she - helping in the sewing room for instance! Lovely to hear she's spending time with her brother, they're both beautiful cats.
    Not forgetting your Dear Jane blocks which I always love to see and marvel at your patience each time you post them. Wonderful fabrics, especially G11.
    Love the