Monday, February 8, 2016

Kitten Korrection

Molly would like to announce her new venture: The Kitten Korrectional Facility (KKF). And her first client is her brother Typhoon (also known as Buddy). Molly wants to point out that cuteness and corruption often go hand and hand, and she is quite chagrined that her brother chose a life of crime. And didn't we all suspect that Roy would be the first inmate?

Typhoon did not adjust well at the shelter and spent most of his time in hiding. I went to visit him with toys and baby food and never even caught a glimpse of him because his hiding place was deep inside the enclosure and he wasn't willing to budge for anyone. I would have had to crawl inside the cage to see him. Unfortunately, an unsupervised child did crawl in and was bitten.

Here is a photo of Molly because she doesn't think that the criminals should get all the attention.
Typhoon was officially released from his ten day bite hold today. (And yes, he had had his rabies vaccine but rabies is always fatal and no vaccine is 100 percent.) He has returned to what he considers Team Storm headquarters. Molly refers to it as Storm Remnant Place. She continues to prefer the sewing room.


  1. Oh my, what developments!! I presume he will remain there with you and Molly because It would be extremely difficult to place a kitten with a record.

  2. Oh dear!!!! So he is back at Headquarters, like Cathy I am assuming he will be staying put in the Korrectional Facility!

  3. I think he missed his sister and just wanted to go home. Can you adopt him, too? Do you wish to adopt him, too?

  4. We have the Kitty Control Committee at our house. :-)