Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dear Jane, bunny and Molly

Here's the Dear Jane block L2 or Stephanie's Snowflake. I was going to post a picture of it yesterday, but I realized the points in the second border were wrong. So I fixed them this morning only to realize that they are still wrong. Oh well, every snowflake is supposed to be different!

Here are the four blocks from the most recent draw.

Next, I wanted to show you the most recent bunny...but yikes...there's no focus...everything is moving...

It's Molly on a mission.

And here's Molly showing Typhoon the spoils from the climb. Typhoon is learning to climb the design wall, but he is much bigger and heavier so he can't get as high. Also, he doesn't seem to share Molly's love of heights...yet.

I should also mention that the bunny puppet lying on the floor is Molly's arch frenemy. She used to beat it up regularly, but now she usually prefers to wrestle with Typhoon.  


  1. I like your latest Dear Jane block and obviously Typhoon and Molly are block addicts!

  2. Stephanies snowflake is a hit, I much prefer it to mine. Love the action shot of Molly. Love the stunned inaction shot of Typhoon.

  3. Or is it Molly? Well those Dear Jane blocks smell tasty.

  4. Does Molly only climb he wall when there are blocks there or is it her personal climbing wall regardless of how else it might be used by others?

  5. Maybe Molly is ready to move on to a real climbing wall! She's very athletic (love the picture of her climbing!) I also really like your Dear Jane blocks for this draw, especially that snowflake.