Sunday, March 20, 2016

Purple twinkler stars

I have enjoyed watching Cathy at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilts make her twinkler stars, and have now begun my own. Our local guild makes quilts for children and I thought a twinkler quilt would work nicely. I started with purple because I have lots of purple fabric out for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. However, I will have to finish this quilt before well before the end of the year, so this  project won't be part of that challenge. It definitely fits in with Oh Scrap!, so let's go see what's happening over at the link party.

And speaking of challenges...yesterday's sharks were no challenge for Molly who brought the bunnies and shark down in one climb of the design wall. I put up this alligator and it met a similar fate, except that for some reason Typhoon decided to join in and attacked it and bit it after it fell.

Otherwise, Molly is relatively subdued and is practicing her thoughtful poses. She may also be thinking about how she is going to accomplish her new challenge...biting through the cord to the router. She has become so obsessed that I close the door to the office, which, of course, only fuels her obsession.


  1. Wonderfully fierce alligator today and I forgot to mention your two sharks yesterday, love them.
    Another splendid pose from Molly!

  2. Hmmm. Maybe the plan backfired, and they thought they were protecting you from the evil sharks and alligators?
    Or maybe they're just not easily intimidated.
    I'm afraid the only thing left to try is Vogons reading poetry...

  3. Did you see all the purple pigs over at Oh Scrap! They are every where!! Thanks for the pattern.

  4. Thanks for the never ending cat photos. Suzi and I love them.