Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dear Jane Block A13 and EPP

It was bound to happen...I finally succumbed to English Paper Piecing (EPP). This is Dear Jane Block A13 or Starlight Star Bright. I ventured over to the blog "That Quilt" who generously offers up creative solutions for piecing the Dear Jane blocks. Although the blog heavily features paper piecing, I often enjoy seeing the solutions provided there. But for this block, there was paper piecing and applique and despair. Yet this block does not have particularly tiny pieces. Because I had already been assured that EPP would be a breeze, I decided to give it a go.

And oddly, once I had the pieces prepped, sewing the block together was quite wonderful. And the accuracy on the front is amazing. (The chaos on the back suggests severe motor coordination issues, however).

I also revised Dear Jane block B10 or Jud's Trophy. I wanted to provide a empty square in the middle to open the block up and show off the square theme of the block. But I had mistakenly given the block a light border which took away the square effect. Cue the seam ripper.

This was the earlier version of the block.


  1. I haven't tried EPP since dinosaurs roamed the earth. Perhaps I should have another go...
    (I can see the advantages for small intricate blocks like these. Well done!)

  2. I have EPP'ed hexes before, and I don't mind it at all. Your block is wonderful!!

  3. So, you have relented and moved to the 'dark side' of EPP. Enjoy.