Monday, April 18, 2016

Dear Jane Block G6

This is Dear Jane Block G6 or Papa's Star. In the original Jane Stickle quilt, this star seems oversized and is placed at a odd slant. In the book, this block is straightened...both the center star and its outer perimeter. I decided to go for the original version...resizing it to fit in the finished 4.5 inch square and following the photo image of Jane Stickle's quilt...which it turns out does not have an equal sided hexagon and matching triangles. So I approached this more like enlarging a drawing. Also, I pieced the center star and machine stitched the triangles to the hexagon. After that, I appliqued the star to the background adding some of my own jaunty misshapen bits.


  1. Lovely blue Aboriginal Dot fabric and what a tiny, tiny star in the centre!

  2. Looks like Papa was a little wilder than anyone thought...

  3. Oh, I like the odd slant and how this turned out.