Friday, April 1, 2016

Kitten fools

I guess I made progress today, although it doesn't feel like it. Here are the lengths of the border for the plaid bunny quilt. I will sew them into longer lengths once I figure out how many I need on each side. First I needed to add scrappy borders around the plaid bunnies so that the border would fit. Each repeat is eight inches and if I want the border to fit properly, each side of the quilt must be divisible by eight plus one inch.

Molly did the calculations for me, but then when I was sewing on the lengths and they weren't fitting correctly she blurted "April Fools." So now I have gone back to the drawing board and will be refitting lengths to make the quilt the right size before adding borders. Kitten giggles are one of the worst sounds in the universe.


  1. There's nothing quite as cruel as a calculating kitten...

  2. Wait until they’re full grown adults.... in pairs. The mayhem compounds, I tell you! On the bright side, Molly still has her cute kitten teeth. (insert heart eyes here).