Thursday, April 7, 2016

Molly's rebuttal

Hi there! It's Molly the kitten guest blogger. I have to offer a rebuttal to yesterday's post because it was written by a psychopath.

For example, this is what the psychopath made yesterday. It's a 1.5 inch star that will be embedded within a five-point star for a Dear Jane psychopath quilt. Time making this star is not time spent doting on adorable kittens.

My brother says that there are worse places to live but I think he makes weird scary places up in his head. And I don't believe for a minute that he bit someone and was put in solitary for ten days.

The psychopath has been hiding all of the interesting toys, but yesterday I noticed this drawer was left open. I tried to look nonchalant and was walking out of the room when the psychopath pinned me to the floor, pun intended. The psychopath then took the pin out of my mouth. And I only took one!

I do understand why you would come to this blog to see adorable kitten pictures, but please ignore false accusations about those kittens!


  1. Ah, poor Molly.
    So helpful. So misunderstood.

  2. Are there quilts on this blog? I only come to see the kittens.

  3. Wonderful comment from Frances!! I have fantastic images of "the psychopath"pinning poor Molly down on the floor. On the quilting side of life I am amazed at your tiny , tiny star!

  4. Dear Molly, This is your comrade-in-paws, Darla. I'm writing from my mom's iPad because she went to bed. Like your person, my mom hides pins from us (what is it with these humans?) So here's a mind game idea that I play with my mom and you can play with yours. Every time she fixes something good for her and dad to eat (like tuna or cheese) I go wild and stretch myself up on my hind legs to reach the counter and talk to her while she's fixing it. So, she gives me a sample. And then, get this.... I sniff it and just walk away! Blows her mind every time! Wishing you all the best, Darla (aka "the girl with the polka dot tummy")

  5. what is it about pins? Cole ate two when he was a young'un' and the vet said to wait and see if they came out. ( !!!!! )
    We did, and they came out days later stuck in fluff from a toy, that he ate at the same time. Whew!

    He's not allowed near pins now... in fact he goes to doggie prison when we leave the house because at age 14 he's in his second childhood.