Thursday, April 28, 2016

Quilting and Storms

Here are some more Dear Jane blocks: J9 or Maury High School, E2 or Merry May, and K12 or Doris's Dilemma.

I'm also slowly sewing the right side of the bounding bunny quilt together. I already have the left side of the quilt sewn together (the right facing bunnies). They will have a column of carrots in the middle. I also am continuing to bind and hand quilt the plaid bunny quilt. And if that isn't enough, a real bunny is hanging out in the garden again this year.

Molly would like to express her disapproval of those of you who supported Typhoon's ambitions to become a lap cat. Molly would like to remind you that as warden of Kitten Korrections she cannot condone molly-coddling criminal kittens like Typhoon and that only kittens named Molly should be coddled. To emphasize Typhoon's criminal past, she is renaming him Crimey McCrimeface.

Meanwhile, we have been having waves of thunderstorms and Molly is the first cat I've known that goes to look out a window during a thunderstorm. She says no kitten from Team Storm named Hurricane, Cyclone, Tornado, Tsunami or Typhoon should be afraid during a thunderstorm. So now Typhoon (AKA Crimey) is joining her at the window so she won't rename him Honey Bunny or Flower.


  1. Well, I should hope that Team Storm could stare down some puny thunderstorm... Pfft!

  2. Love your quilts, love your cats, love your tutorials. I want to copy your bunnies for Touch Quilts that I donate for Nursing Home residents and add a fluffy tail if that's okay.

    As children we said "The raccoon has a bushy tail, the possum's tail is bare. Poor rabbit has no tail at all, it's just a powder puff." I think 'tuft of hair' was the rhyming line but we said powder puff.

  3. Dear Warden Molly, I hope you will lighten up and help BuddyTyphoonCrimey let go of his checkered past. As Warden, Dean and Big Sister, you are a shining example for him to look up to. Besides, who else have you got to run around the house with, climb the design wall with and stare at storms with?

    Dear Sally, LOVE your blocks! How many do you have total now? And any recent additions to your DJAlternativeUniverse blocks?

  4. More of your lovely Dear Jane blocks and the first one on the left has such a lot of movement from the shell fabric. Beautiful bounding bunnies again and it's going to be great to see the finished top.
    I see the kitties are keeping you busy!