Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Bounding bunny progress

Now that the interior of the bunny quilt is completed, I'm making long lengths of bunny tails for the border.

First, I make a strip set of 4 strips, with 2 background strips and two brights. I then cut these into 1.25 inch sections like the first set in the photo. I then sew it to another to get a 2 by 4 patch. Then these are sewn end to end to make the border.

I will be floating the bunnies in a three inch border of the background fabric before I add the bunny tail border. To see the progress others have made to their scraptastic projects, hop on over to Scraptastic Tuesday.


  1. Bounding Bunnies looks smashing and a perfect border!

  2. You got it exactly right, lively just like the bunnies. Congrats on keeping them within bounds!

  3. looks like there will be a bunny fight over those carrots! This quilt just gets cuter ....Thank you for linking up to #scraptastictuesday!

  4. I have an urge to do the Bunny Hop. Scrap patch bunnies are a lot nicer than cabbage patch or carrot patch bunnies. And they are a whole lot cuter too. I also like how you think up your borders.