Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear Jane B2 and B3

Here are two Dear Jane blocks that I couldn't resist making. They are Dear Jane blocks B2 (Sweet Tater Pie) and B3 (Mirror Image). Both of these blocks require making two blocks, cutting a circle out of one and then applying it to the other.

Block B2 is made from two pinwheel blocks, each 5 inches unfinished. In this case, I used Dale Fleming's six minute circle technique so the lighter blue pinwheel is machine sewn behind the dark pinwheel that has a circle cut out of it.

For Block B3, I made two simple four patches (5 inches unfinished). This time I cut the circle out of one four patch and basted around the seam allowance. I then pulled the basting to contour around a circle template. Next, I ironed it to make a nice crisp circle that I then hand appliqued on top of the other four patch. While this method takes longer, I do enjoy the process a bit more.

I jumped ahead to play with Dear Jane circle blocks because I'm trying to decide how to finish my vintage spin quilt. Molly was up on some shelving and knocked the pile of blocks to the floor, possibly because she wanted to bring them to my attention. Or most likely, Molly just knocked them to the floor because she likes to knock things down to the floor.

In any case, the six-minute circle might be a quicker way to move this quilt along, but I think I might enjoy it more if I hand applique the circles given how much fun it is to gather the basting thread around the circle template.


  1. I'm glad Molly knocked those blocks down (but don't tell her) because I love seeing them. The colors!!!
    I admit I like the gathering of the basting thread, too. *Schwip!* and you have a nifty circle. (What, you don't do sound effects when you sew?)

  2. You're a glutton for punishment with those teeny tiny Dear Jane blocks! Beauties though. Can't wait to see your finished Vintage Spin, I've said before I do love your fabric choices for this and I spy three or four fabrics in there which are also in my fabric baskets.