Friday, May 27, 2016

Vintage Spin Side One and Home Decoration

Here is one side of the vintage spin quilt with all the blocks sewn together. I have about 65 blocks made and will use 30 on each side. I have chosen the two fabrics for the center circles (one fabric for each side). I divided the blocks according to how well they went with each of the fabric centers.

However, you may have noticed that I haven't sewn the circles in yet. I was going to use the 6 minute circle method but realized it would be easier to machine quilt this without the circles. I will be able to march across the circles without over quilting or going around each circle. This means I will hand applique the circles at the very end.

Block placement was chosen by the design committee. Art critiques in this household can get very heated and involve a lot of biting.

And I hope you realize that Molly has her own projects...for example, taking down window treatments and wadding them on the floor where they belong. Apparently.


  1. Must have been time to wash the curtains!

  2. I think Molly is actually a frustrated sculptor. Three dimensions are so much more fun than two...
    Love the Vintage Spin!

  3. I like your Vintage Spin more and more each time I see you post about it! You must be so pleased to have a helper with household matters as well as quilting!

  4. Molly has projects like my youngest son used to have.
    I hand quilted vintage spin in circles around the center but like your idea especially since you are doing a two sided quilt. Aren't those blocks fun?

  5. Oh my goodness, you certainly have your hands full. Your design committe likes to mix things up a bit!