Thursday, June 2, 2016

Wrapping up Darting Fish

If I counted correctly, these are the last additions I need for the darting fish quilt.

I'm relying on Molly for the final count. I used to put the blocks on the design wall and then make more blocks until the layout was complete. Molly has adopted a more sophisticated floor process that only she can understand.

Buddy doesn't understand Molly's process either because he skipped so many of his classes at Kitten U. He regrets spending so much of his youth hiding in a box.


  1. I wonder if cats have telepathic powers, because Tallulah is now either racing up my design board or using my fabric baskets as ladders! I'm sure Molly has been in touch!

  2. Buddy is just claiming his personal fish for a late night snack. My two furry girls like my room also, either the windows or the boxes of fabric for sleeping while I sew.