Sunday, July 24, 2016

More stripey diamonds

I thought I'd take it a bit slower today, so the only sewing was on my strippy diamonds.  I have been continuing to make eight a day...although they don't tend to get trimmed until I'm getting ready to photograph them.

And here is my scrappy cat. Molly and Buddy have been scuffling a lot lately. I warned her that that might happen if we let her criminal brother come live with us. But it turns out that he has developed a distaste for the camera and its beams of light. So now when they scuffle, I pull out the camera, Buddy runs away and Molly pronounces herself the winner.

If you would like to get in a scrap, visit Oh Scrap!


  1. The diamonds are looking great! Do you trim with a ruler or template? Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!

  2. Your diamonds are really neat! I have the same question as Cynthia!

  3. Now if Molly starts calling Buddy a 'Fraidy Cat, they'll be scuffling even more. I'm thinking how cute those stripey diamonds would be in Christmas colors....

  4. Molly is going to end up wanting a camera for her own, you know. Just to keep that criminal brother in line.
    (Love the diamonds!)

  5. We have many many spray bottles around the cat room at CAAWS.........keeps those hooligans in line. now all you have to do is reach for it and the gangs disperse.