Friday, September 23, 2016

Dear Jane G1, G2 and H1

This is Dear Jane block H1 or Peek-A-Boo. I used three prints for this to avoid having the block look like a blob of dark fabric.

This is Dear Jane Block G1 or Hattie's Hat Box. This was fun to make. I cut the rounded applique pieces and ironed the curved part around freezer paper. Next I sewed the four triangle sections together with the straight edges of the rounded pieces tucked into the seam. That left just the rounded bits to applique once the triangles were sewn into the square.

This is Dear Jane Block G2 or Mohawk Trail. This was the block I had originally planned to make in response to Fabadashery's pinwheel-like version. Mine reflects the Jane Stickle version which is a bit odd, to say the least.

I have made a chart of the blocks so I can keep track of the blocks I still need to finish. I have 36 more blocks to go...


  1. I quite like your Mohawk, especially the reference to the Jane Stickle original - see I really am not reading the book!

  2. Love the shell fabric in your first block, anything with turquoise is good in my book!
    How many blocks in total Sally?

  3. Well done, the end is in sight, and its such a mammoth undertaking, cannot wait to see all the blocks together!

  4. I love your happy Kaffey prints in these blocks. But that last block looks like it's dangerous - touch it and lose a finger dangerous...