Friday, October 28, 2016

Dear Jane and an apology

Here is Dear Jane block J13 or Pam's Bells. And yes, the photo looks as if it was taken by candlelight.

This is Dear Jane block K7 or Rose of Sharon. When Jane Stickle made this block, she pieced the block in four sections that bisect the flower diagonally. hggyt7 (Buddy's commentary...)

Buddy just walked across the keyboard because he was afraid I wasn't going to mention that Molly chewed through the keyboard cord and destroyed it. (Not the keyboard I'm now using...)  I am obviously to blame because if I had been paying attention to her (which is my job, after all), I would have stopped her before she caused any damage. So I am issuing a public apology although I can't say that it (or something like it) won't happen again.


  1. Good job, Molly! I used to chew through the cords on my mom's window shades. After I'd chewed most of the cords off, she started replacing them with a cordless variety. Bummer. Smitty.