Thursday, October 27, 2016

Hurricane v. Dear Jane

Let's start with the small steps forward for today. Here is Dear Jane block I12 or Fred's Square Fair. Those HST (half square triangles) are 1 inch unfinished. To make my life easier, I bordered two sides of each HST with the background fabric to make a 1.5 inch square. I attached these squares as flip triangles as if I were making flying geese.

And this is Dear Jane block L8 or Box Kite.

A few posts ago I mentioned that I had begun to lay out the Dear Jane blocks on table tops to figure out my color choices and sew some sections together. This was my compromise to avoid interference my Molly. Obviously, that didn't last long.

Buddy is inspecting the ones that landed on the floor.

In case you have forgotten, Molly's original name was Hurricane. So after this pose, she took my chart of completed blocks and started to shred it.

Despite all the help I received today, I did sew nine of the blocks together and was able to stick it on the design wall just long enough to take a picture. These are blocks I1 through G3.


  1. I am having trouble keeping up with your progress - you have so much assistance.

  2. I'm studying your techniques very carefully. Smitty.