Saturday, December 24, 2016

Ostrich party

I thought I would have a quiet day today...cuddling with kittens and counting piglets. Okay, the turquoise one is a bit of a clown, but not too annoying.

Then these guys showed up and promise that there are more on the way! And I was quite unhappy to learn that ostriches do not clean up after themselves...


  1. The ostriches are wonderful, like all of your other animals they make me giggle,
    A tutorial coming ?????

  2. Ostriches? Holy crap. I'm experiencing equal parts of delight and dread...

  3. Oh my gosh...that group looks like trouble.

  4. Super cute. Happy holidays. Can't wait to see what the animals of 2017 get into.

  5. Oh I thought the clown pig was cute, but the ostriches take the cake, so sweet! And in no way is this an attempt to be smart, but I had to tell you, we have had a wallaby in our yard (1 acre) for the last few days, it was 40C (is that 100F?) for Christmas, so my guess he was just looking for water. I didnt see him though, just my husband. It was so hot, I didnt want to panic or scare him but left him resting in the cool of our shady trees. I did top up all the bird baths so he could find some water....perhaps why he hasnt left yet!
    Cannot wait to see what you produce in 2017, enjoyed reading your blog so much this year.