Friday, April 7, 2017

More pickle dish wedges

Another handful of pickle wedges. Quite appropriate given Molly is often finding herself in a pickle. In preparation for house viewings, I sometimes forget to close closets promptly, which gives Molly an entrance. Although she gets in easily, after intense exploration, sometimes her exit requires some assistance.

She also is studying Exploration and Manifest Destiny where she is exploring every surface in the house. And this morning I was quite startled to hear a loud voice talking in the sewing room. Molly decided she would like to play back answering machine messages, because apparently the play back button was just the right location for one of her paws.

Meanwhile, Buddy is specializing in being a lap dog. Here he is trying to avoid the camera by hiding behind a storage unit to have a private face scratch...well, not as private as he might have liked.


  1. Love the fabrics in these pickle arcs and the photo of Buddy!

  2. Lovely pickles--are you paper piecing them?? hugs, Julierose

  3. Pretty fabrics in your pickle dishes. Can't wait to see where they go from here.
    Cats...can't live with them, don't want to live without them. They are always an adventure!

  4. Molly was probably just checking to see if there were any calls for her. She's such a beautiful girl. She must have plenty of suitors.

  5. Love those pickles!
    And Buddy looks so cuddlable in that picture! ('Tis so a word...)

  6. Sure...blame Molly when you start hearing voices.
    Glad to see Pickles out and about.