Friday, April 14, 2017


Here's the rabbit that lives in my garden. He's eating all of the pink flowers off of the carpet phlox, in case you were wondering where Easter candy comes from.

And keeping with the pink theme, the azalea in the side yard is strutting her stuff.

And regardless of how showy a dogwood on the side of the road might be, there is usually a redbud photobombing the picture (far left).

And speaking of photobombs...

And here are the stack of spiderwebs I made today...waiting to be trimmed. Buddy started to shred the paper off but I suggested it was better to wait until after I had trimmed the triangles. So he ran off and played with his mousie toy instead. Now you might think what a good cat he is to play with his mouse toy, but the fact that he did what he was told proves he is a dog and the mouse toy is just a ruse.


  1. Azalea time is the best time!
    Buddy really tries with his cat impersonation, but the truth will out...

  2. Oh Buddy. You and Molly keep me coming back to this blog. I mean, there's quilty stuff here, but your adventures are the real draw!!!