Thursday, April 20, 2017

Think Positive!

It's Molly again serving as your guest blogger. Staff has been working with the internet provider.

When the technician was here, I opened the door to the kneewall space and that's where Buddy and I hid. We are not supposed to go back here because kittens can go many places back here that people can't reach. On the other side of the sewing room, there is another kneewall space, but people can fit in there too. Boring!

This is the second time that I've opened this without assistance, so staff now knows it wasn't by accident.

Staff needs to practice positive thinking. As you can see, I was helping her remove the foundation paper before she sews on the strips. Staff is not open to new ideas. Staff's negativity borders on tragic. Then she wanted to know where the ripped off foundation pieces went. I don't have definitive proof, but I'm positive Buddy ate it because dogs will eat anything.


  1. Dogs: All their taste in in their mouths.

  2. OGM....Thank you for the Friday laugh! Staff definitely need to chillax, don't you think ;-)

  3. Well of course Buddy ate it - that's his +job+...

  4. Dear Molly,
    Do not let the humans know you know how to open things. If they find out, they booby trap them and make it harder to get them open.
    Lexie the cat
    (Also known as Houdini by my staff)

  5. Clever Molly - she knows all the hiding places!