Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Closing in

I put up one of the shelving units I use for storing larger hunks of fabric. You might remember that these were also used as the back for the infamous design wall. The living room of this apartment is a dark hole, so it is perfect for storing fabric. However, since I don't know how long I'll be here, I have decided to keep the rest of this fabric stored in boxes.

You might remember a large pile of boxes stacked here a few days ago. Those have been opened and sorted and replaced with the boxes of fabric that I stored on the shelving units. Molly has been having a marvelous time climbing all around the boxes, so I thought I would make a window jungle gym for her covered in chenille fabric. As you can tell, now she won't go anywhere near it.

Next, with the weaving loom moved into place, the dining nook is complete.  Completely unusable for dining, that is.

And yes, I uncovered the sewing table and tomorrow's activities will include adding the sewing machine and maybe sewing a seam or two.


Today, Molly gave me careful, precise instructions on how to empty a moving box. My sister also came over and was actually helpful instead of theoretically helpful. My sister also had the honor of feeding Buddy treats. Buddy reserves this honor to only those people who wrinkle a treat bag and offer him treats.

By the end of day Molly concluded that there is more fabric than apartment.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Counting cats

I should have expected that Molly would be as industrious at helping me unpack as she is with everything else including quilting. First, she had me start the day with a photograph.

And yes, as usual she is quite disappointed with my progress...although I'm also unpacking a similar mound in another room. Buddy, of course, is quite pleased as long as I can count two cats at the end of the day.

But really I think Molly is really more concerned that I seem to be dismantling her new playground. And I'm starting to wonder what else might be missing...I realized that my ironing board didn't make the journey. To make things more interesting, the first few items the movers delivered were not mine. And one of the items was a fantastic wooden Singer sewing case that I assume had a sewing machine inside. I have to admit that I paused before admitting it wasn't mine.

Monday, June 19, 2017

Oregon Delivery

Hi, it's Molly your guest blogger. Staff has gone over the deep end and has failed to keep up her blog while she treats me to almost daily indignities and crazy surprises. Just yesterday, I was locked in a bathroom and when I came out, the massive hoard that we abandoned in Virginia was now piled high in our Oregon apartment. And yes, this window ledge is the only area not yet piled with fabric.

I suggested that blog readers would be fascinated to see empty fabric racks and massive mounds of boxes. She insists, however, that everyone would really prefer to see me posing in a window.

And Buddy's dog-like tendencies means that he has adjusted well to our daily indignities. In fact, he seems quite happy in this apartment with the brown carpet and beige walls. Boring!

I expect that staff will return to blogging again tomorrow. Today was the first chance in over a week that she has had to stroke fabric. She still has to set up her sewing machine. Meanwhile, her cutting table, which she has used since the early 80s, did not travel well. In some strange tribute to Tripod Tommy, the three-legged cat, the movers delivered the table top and only three of its legs.

Sunday, June 11, 2017



Molly and Buddy arrived in Portland, OR safely. Staff arrived, but has some battle scars. We are setting up a new household...and yes, we are decorating our digs based on the new favorite color Buddy Putty.


I will get back to regular blog posting when I am reunited with my computers...and fabric...and sewing machine. Meanwhile, I am heading out to drop off Molly for a surprise play date with Smitty of Three Cat Ranch.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Winding Down

Smitty and Sadie over at Three Cat Ranch asked whether my quilts were tested for snuggability. It should surprise no one that Molly is an efficient multi-tasker.

Meanwhile, the packing of the flat folds of fabric continues. But I'm also saying my good-byes.

Tonight was my last performance with Big Blue Door, a wonderful improv company here in Charlottesville. The classes are magical, and being part of the performance runs has been a blast. I started taking improv classes about the same time I began fostering kittens here at Kitten U...and there probably are serious health risks associated with that much hilarity.

And I guess I could say that its time to get back to work packing...but you all know that what I'm really doing is stroking each piece of fabric as I put it in a box.