Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Catching up

As you can tell, I'm having some difficulty pulling things together after the move to Portland. Molly says you can just let everything hang out here. Apparently, in more ways than one.

I did finalize the negotiations on a house and so there is one more move in the near future. Then I hope to settle into a more productive and regular pattern, where the patterns involve a sewing machine.

I did make another vintage butterfly block. My sewing table leans without legs against the wall. I have draped a piece of flannel over that to use as a small design wall for taking pictures. During the move, one of my sewing table legs was delivered to Denver, but I was told that they have found it and it will be shipped to me, date undetermined. Sigh.

And here are the pinwheels that I was supposed to show for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge linkup on Saturday. I have gone from being three hours behind the East Coast to being about four days behind.

I have had some serious success though...due to the unrelenting diligence of fabric enablers who read this blog. Thanks to your efforts, I have found various versions of this fabric and a version without the harlequin background. Many sources of the fabric have sold out, but I found a few Etsy shops with pieces to spare.

And Molly would like to report her success at pulling down the new design wall. As I was taking pictures of the blocks, she moved in for a repeat performance. Here, I am briefly distracting her. Or maybe she is tricking me into taking more posed photos of her. You can decide who is in charge.


  1. LOL! If you were any more behind than 4 days, you'd be in Utah. Darla was delighted to see Molly cut loose and bare her midriff. A girl's gotta keep cool. So, is this house a different one than the foundation-problem one?

  2. LOL your life is never boring.

  3. When you mentioned your design wall, I wondered how long Molly would allow it. Not long, apparently.

  4. Good to see that Molly's skills haven't deteriorated after the moving hiatus.

  5. Love that fabric, glad you found some, I am sure we will be seeing it in an interesting quilt block soon. Good luck with next few weeks, orchestrating your final move and the return of the sewing table leg.

  6. I live in SE Portland. Are you moving near me? A78mandel at yahoo dot com