Sunday, August 6, 2017

Quilting a Bunny

Yes, I'm still hand quilting plaid bunnies. There are 55 of them. It is definitely slow going, except in my brain where I think and hope I'm making faster progress than I am. Perfect foreshadowing of a missed deadline, eh?  In any case, my hands are slow so I am joining Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday (and everyone, just please ignore my brain. Thank you.)

To make the bunny seem like a plush stuffed bunny, I'm giving it a bulbous outline shape. Rather than mark the various plaid fabrics, I'm using a nonwoven light interfacing as a guide.

Given its a bulbous shape, there is no reason to be exacting. Yet here I am using straight pins to hold down the edge as I carefully stitch around a blob-like amorphous shape.

After the bulbous outline, each bunny gets details on the ear, arm, eye and tail. Just enough quilting to keep the bunny from being carried away.


  1. I love the blobby bunny outline.

  2. I've pinned paper shapes to quilt around, but that interfacing is sooooo much better!
    Happy quilting! (And I'm sure you're almost done. Absolutely.)

  3. Super idea for outlining..cute bunny...hugs, Julierose

  4. Thanks for sharing this process.

  5. These bunnies are so nice...and yes, thanks for showing how you put them together.

  6. I love that the eye stitching looks rather like a monocle, making the bunnies look sharp and intelligent!