Thursday, August 3, 2017


I am very happy to announce that an important member of my quilting team arrived today. This is the leg to my sewing table that went missing during the move from Virginia to Portland. It's journey began on June 6. This leg was delivered to a woman in Denver. Three items of hers, including a vintage Singer in a wooden box, were brought here. When the driver took those items back to her, he picked up this leg and took it back with him to Virginia.

Then the company mailed the leg to me but left the apartment number off of the package. The package arrived here at the apartment complex and instead of taking it to the office where all packages get delivered was returned to sender. Yes, UPS sent it all the way back to Virginia. Then it was sent back and finally arrived today. And while we are all used to the speed of packages sent through Amazon, I am quite certain that this package was sent across the U.S. each time by boat.

The table has been a faithful quilting cutting table (and pin basting table) since the late seventies when the company I worked for sold it as surplus for $10. Now the leg has arrived in time to be moved to the new house.

Molly wonders what that story has to do with her...although she acknowledges that she has spent much time supervising me perched on that table.

Today Molly supervised the assembly of  a portable air conditioning unit. She saw these bits of hardware and gently batted them with her paw. I suggested that wasn't helpful, so she grabbed the smallest screw in her mouth and ran off with it. When I caught up with her, she was showing it off to Buddy on the kitchen floor.


  1. I am amazed that you ever got your table leg. Surprised that it wasn't thrown away by someone.

  2. That's quite a journey your table leg took. It's a wonder how things get separate like that. Growing up in the military, we moved many times. Sometimes odd parts of things would be missing, and we'd wonder how that was possible. So...are you saying you have a screw loose?

  3. Hard lesson to learn in life, the importance of I use to underestimate, but no longer. So glad you got your leg one piece after all that travel!

  4. All I can do about this story is smile. Everything is back AS IT SHOULD BE. All is well!

  5. For the first time ever I feel compelled to use the LOL acronym. Still can't do it. :)
    So happy for the reunion.

  6. Hooray for a table with 4 legs!

    I love that work in progress on your design wall.

  7. I'll bet Buddy was impressed with Molly's treasure. And envious.
    Glad you got your leg back. (And wasn't that an odd sentence to type...)

  8. What a story!!! Quite unbelievable, two whole months to get a hold of one table leg - I take it the table is now back in action.