Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Chicken sorting

We're closing in on the final layout for the speedy chicken quilt. Today I almost scorched my retinas trying to sort fabrics between red, red-orange and bright orange. It is remarkable to see a red fabric switch to orange when put up next to a true red.

Now that I'm living in Portland, seagulls are a common sight. So it seemed appropriate to have a seagull chicken.

This chicken falls into the red orange camp.

This chicken had a wing transplant from another chicken. Now it fits better in the brighter orange diagonal. Meanwhile, the donor chicken now has a darker wing and fits neatly in the rust orange diagonal.

And to set the mood for the day, we had snow overnight. Most of it is now gone. And yes, the hummingbirds (Molly says yummingbirds) were still coming to the feeders. And given this is Portland, I had one male that was wearing a bright pink hoodie--an Anna's hummingbird.

And inspired by the winter Olympics, Molly placed Gold in Sewing Room Mayhem when she launched from the ironing board to the sewing table sending iron, spray bottle and scissors flying. To celebrate, Molly had a parade around the house (AKA a piggy-back ride).

To see the work of more winners and sewing mayhem, visit sew, stitch, snap, SHARE.

Buddy won a participation award for successfully breathing in and out all day and for eating a hearty breakfast.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Speedy Chicken Accounting

I made much more progress today.  Here are nine fuschia chickens and I only need eight, as it turns out. I have soooo many extra chickens I can open a take-out restaurant.

My Oliso iron decided to burn out. It's replacement will arrive on Thursday, so I have been trying substitute irons. One has a weird beak that was driving me crazy, plus it has auto-off but not an off switch. Very weird. I found another one I like much better. But in both cases, the Oliso has taught me to leave the iron horizontal...not a good habit for a regular iron. And, of course, I switched to the Oliso because Molly likes to perch on the ironing board and taunt me.

And here are the chicken blocks in their rainbow layout. At the time of this arrangement, I was planning a pink diagonal between the fuschia diagonal and the red diagonal. But now I'm thinking that I will have red follow fuschia, then have red orange, followed by bright orange, followed by rusty orange. And there will be three black hens, although Buddy is lobbying heavily for taupe.

Monday, February 19, 2018

One Fuschia Chicken

Here is one fuschia chicken with six more on the way. This chicken explains why people say that rabbit tastes just like chicken.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Purple squirrel

Here's a purple squirrel, all excited to present a yellow acorn to everyone participating in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. He wanted to join everyone despite two harrowing surgeries.

Unfortunately, purple squirrels are not a hardy genetically modified patchwork (GMP). As he was getting ready for his first photo shoot, the photographer noticed that the squirrel had a malformed jaw. So off to surgery it went. Then during the second photo shoot, the photographer noticed that this poor squirrel's entire hip was rotated 180 degrees. Ouch!

Here is the squirrel in the middle of surgery.

Buddy was up in the observation area, but it was all so gruesome, he couldn't look.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Small steps

Here are another four patches from the 365 day challenge. I'm only eight days behind now. Happily, we've moved on to a different technique, although I expect we will go back to tiny town again soon.

The spools are the right size for this project, but they belong in a quilt of their own--a spool quilt. I have a lot of the fabric cut out ready to serve as leaders and enders...when I remember.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tiny Time

I was happy to get back to sewing after another day of shop hopping. I thought I should drop by Kathryn Kerr's 365 block challenge and catch up. I happened to stop just as the blocks began featuring one inch half square triangles. Yikes. Today was definitely a fiddly day.

I made four blocks. Unfortunately, one of them is a repeat because I forgot I had already made a block. Oh well. I like the new block better anyway.

As a reminder, these blocks finish at 3 inches, so the half square triangles (HSTs) finish at one inch.

 I also cut more i-spy blocks for a quilt I'm making for my grand-nephew. I made a similar quilt for his older brother.

And here are Molly and Buddy conspiring at the base of the design wall. Alternatively, they may be assessing their booty, blocks knocked from the wall to the floor.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Happy Buddy Day

The King of Cuddles hopes you get a big bundle of Buddy for Valentine's Day. Molly thinks that would be a Gag gift.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Bunnies and Trip

I showed this quilt tonight at my quilt guild. I'm posting it here so if any of the members find this blog with the obscure name, they will know they found the right spot. The links to the instructions for this pattern can be found under the tutorial tab at the top of the page.

And today my sister drove me all over for a quilt shop hop. Barbara from Cat Patches warned me about Boersma's and she was right. Hopefully she will see this, notice the blue skies and realize its time to come home from her astounding trip of the USA (with cats!).

And yes quilt shops sometimes have odd neighbors. Mary Ellen Hopkins had a quilt shop in Santa Monica called Crazy Ladies and Friends, and the shop next door was the Cat House.

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Purple coins

Here are six "OCD coins" blocks. I started making these because I was inspired by Cathy's over at Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting.  

 And just to taunt me, last week Cathy included a fabric with black cats on purple in her rail blocks. The cats have a wonderful spiral tail.

It turns out I received a square of this during an I-spy exchange. So I felt compelled to add them to these blocks.

Oh egads. And yes, let me not forget to give all the credit to the master of my sewing universe.

Now I suggest you visit all the rainbow loveliness at Angela's Rainbow Scrappy Challenge.

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Teal chickens

Today was teal chicken day.

So now I have finished making right speeding chickens and all the remaining chickens will be speeding to the left. Yes, collisions are likely. Fuschia chickens are going to be the next diagonal.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

A Fresh Start

Here are two blue chickens. This completes the blue diagonal. Plus, this is not a fresh start. And I hope I don't have to remind you not to eat blue chickens.

You may have been wondering when I would start a new let's start today. But this time it isn't my idea.

A few years ago I made this quilt for my great nephew Ezra, and now his brother would like one with his name.

Happily, I already have a head start because I have lots of i-spy blocks. If you would like to play along, the i-spy squares are cut 3.5 inch square. One side of the quilt has 99 squares...and since I made it reversible, with good blocks on one side and evil blocks on the other (teddy bears and kittens), the quilt requires 198 i-spy squares. There are links to more instructions on how to make the tilted i-spy quilt under the Tutorials tab at the top of this blog.

Monday, February 5, 2018

The Return of the Chickens

It was time to clean out the chicken coop. After I organized it I decided to add a diagonal of teal chickens. I also needed another yellow one. So here are the new additions.

And following equal kitten time requirements, here is Molly as a kitten with her sister Cyclone.

And now that Molly is a young adult, she has important responsibilities. If I take a bin out, she fills the space so I'll know where to return it. Except I can't...

Molly is also teaching me how to be a pony. She gets on my back while I gallop around the house. The louder she purrs, the faster I go...except I can't go all that fast when I'm down on my hands and knees.

Buddy is mortified.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Purple postage

Here is my contribution to the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge's first week of purple. I guess I will call it a postage frame block. It is quite large finishing at 20 inches square. Currently, the plan is to make one block a month, finishing the quilt top with 12 blocks.

Here are the two frame blocks so far.

Along the way, my cone of thread ran out. I use the same gray thread as the top thread and bobbin for all of my piecing. I began this cone in January 2017. And it had 5000 meters of thread. Molly consumed at least one meter over the year.

The big challenge today was that Buddy wanted to be held. All day. And it is very hard to do anything while one is holding a pony. Ironically, back when Buddy could pass for a kitten, he was very wary of me. His "sisters" would climb all over me, but Buddy kept his distance.

Friday, February 2, 2018


As the only adult associated with this blog, I want to warn you that the following post highlights betrayal, addiction, family sabotage and absolutely no new cat toys.  View at your own risk.

Respectfully, Molly

Fat quarters.


Yardage cuts of 1/2 yard or more.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Keeping It Small

As I was assembling the Idaho Square Dance quilt top, I was also trying to catch up on Kathryn Kerr's 365 Day Challenge. These bring me all the way to February 1.

I also assembled the remainder blocks to make a baby's quilt. The blocks are 10 inches along the diagonal so I need about an 8 inch border to make it a respectable size. For this one I might make a piano key border, but more like a real one. White/cream fabric for most of it with some split keys of blue and cream to keep it interesting.