Monday, December 9, 2013

Monday is a popular day for displaying work that is progressing on the design wall. However, today its the design wall that I'm showing...newly constructed today.  And its an improvised design wall because my original plan failed early, but I didn't want that to stop me!

My previous design wall was a blanket pinned to the back of two side-by-side shelving units that are only six feet high. I thought I was limited by a sloping roof and dormer. But as you can see, using a lightweight frame, the design wall extends into the dormer while using the shelving units as support. I used PVC piping to construct a square with a middle cross support (also PVC pipe). The piping was initially too long so I cut some down to a length that I could handle, resulting in a 90 inch square (roughly). 

I was going to put a fitted flannel sheet on the PVC square but the sheet was too small. So I slit the flat sheet edging and fed it through like a curtain. It was the perfect size once I shoved the excess around the bottom and under the shelving units. 

The PVC piping is attached to the shelving with bungee cords and the sheet is attached with safety pins. Because I am my father's daughter, no nails pierced drywall at any time during the process.

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