Monday, August 24, 2020

Postal Progress

I finished four more postage stamp blocks and added them to the design wall. As I go along, I use this to figure out the balance of lights and darks...and hue. I will add a few more lights, but I definitely want to add another cheddar block. Probably another citron (brightest yellow) too. 

Today was a rough day of watching new kittens being born at Kitten Academy. The first kitten was born early this morning and the mother still has a couple more to go. It is presumed that this is her first litter sos she doesn't know what is going on and hasn't shown much interest in the kittens unless they scream. I have the livestream on the TV so Molly spent some amount of her time given pointed directions to the Kitten Academy staff who completely ignored her.

Molly has also noted that I am underperforming during this pandemic and have no good excuse for doing so. She had me compare my to-do list with Buddy's and admittedly his list was much longer and more ambitious, particularly in the area of grooming. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Postage and Zippers Continued

Here are the most recent zipper blocks.

And a few more postage blocks.

And here is Molly featured in one of her best poses ever. Well, except Buddy decided to photobomb in the most Buddy way possible.

And here is Molly considering appropriate disciplinary actions required for staff and the puppy-pony.


Saturday, August 15, 2020

Postage Progress

Here is the progress so far on the postage stamp quilt. During my last assessment, I decided I needed more lights and higher contrast. I still think that's what I need, but it sure didn't happen after my last assessment.   

Meanwhile, Pony Boy is getting worried. His sister tells him that we are reverting back to the pony express for mail delivery and Buddy will become an essential employee. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

New Zipper Blocks

 Here are five new zipper blocks. 

And here is the new self-appointed dean of Kitten U. He has been carrying the new Rosie Rat toys around, giving them lessons and referring to them as kittens. There is a lot more detention and discipline in this new version of Kitten U.

And here is Molly sitting in the basket of recyclables while giving me a lecture about Zombie Cicadas...hollowed out by a fungus, the infected cicada can no longer reproduce cicadas but instead infects other cicadas with fungal spores.  I'm not yet sure whether this is something in the news or a morality play that Molly is writing.

Monday, August 10, 2020

Postage Due

 Here are four more postage blocks. I have all of the packages of fabric packed and ready for a trip to the post office. I will be going tomorrow afternoon, so you can start expecting your package some time after that. 

You can be assured that Buddy was not involved at all. He has started his own "Kitten U" except that we have to keep reminding him that the Rosie Rat toys are not real kittens. He has taken ownership of both toys and takes them to the kitchen for breakfast, the sewing room during the day and to bed at night. He doesn't carry them at the same time, and they do seem to try to run away a lot, so he has to capture and subdue them.

Meanwhile, Molly is learning to speak hummingbird.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020


August is Molly and Buddy's birthday month, so Molly thought I should show fabric as kittens. That would obviously be fabric rolled on bolts...just at the age of adoption. The youngest fabric I have are the flat folds, patiently waiting to grow up to be scraps. 

And speaking of August and scraps, the winners of this month's scrap give-away are:

I love all scraps and love making scrap quilts!

This is so fun! I like novelty fabrics and seem to be always low on reds. My cat Cici says fall colors that will enhance her orange fur! But getting anything in the mail that isn't a bill would be exciting!

I love your quilts and seeing all your fabrics and seeing what Molly & Buddy are up to! Your stash is amazing. Sometimes I see a fabric or two in your blocks that I also have, and for some reason that is exciting like getting a Bingo number. :-) I am currently cutting 2X2 novelty squares, so if you happen to have any little novelties, or something bright, those are my favorites.

Needless to say, the first winner is less than specific about the type of scraps she would like: kitten stage, early scrap, old scrap. Buddy insists that I should send food scraps because that is what he would want. Molly is ignoring his opinion, of course, but offered this as a cautionary tale to anyone who would suggest Buddy choose.

Monday, August 3, 2020

Art Crit

Apparently, Buddy did not approve of the flamingo I laid out with pink scraps. I felt his art critique was unnecessarily harsh and destructive. Molly suggested that given the arrangement of splotches Buddy chose for his fur coat, one would be wise to ignore Buddy completely.

I would like to thank everyone for the comments on the August Giveaway post. This is quite a bit of fun for me and lets me enjoy my favorite part of quilt making...wallowing in the stash.

As you might expect though, Molly has some comments on some of the comments. Molly would like to first point out that SHE makes up the rules, not the people participating. So there is no rule that if you won previously that you can't enter to win again. If someone notes in their comment that they have won before so don't count their comment as an entry, Molly says she will respect the person's wishes, but she is adding a demerit to that person's permanent file. Offers to send her staff (me) fabric, receive TWO demerits to the permanent record. And asking for Buddy to make the fabric selection generates THREE demerits on the permanent record offset by four pity points.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

August Scrap Giveaway Signup

It's the first of the month and it's time for another fabric giveaway. Originally, this giveaway was designed to fill in for the loss of the free table at quilt guild meetings. Maybe it's still doing that. But it's beginning to feel a little bit like "Meet Sally's Stash." I get to rummage in the depths looking for particular treasures, and you get a box of fabric that hopefully meets your request. Molly Kitten likes to think of the giveaway as "Make Room for New Toys for Molly."

To participate in the giveaway, just leave a comment (and email if you're a no-reply blogger) telling me what types of scraps you are looking for. Maybe you participate in the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge and you find yourself low on purples. 

Or maybe you're really into flamingoes or you're celebrating August as flamingo month. Or you like roses. Or novelty. Or pink novelty. I will collect comments on this post until midnight (PST) August 4 and pick a winner, or two or three. Each winner will then receive a small priority box of the fabric scraps of choice. Sometimes Molly helps. Unfortunately, due to the cost of international shipping we are limiting this giveaway to within the bounds of the USPS. 

And just in case you were wondering what happened to my daily challenge of "Put a Bird On It," it fell by the wayside. However, I do still randomly pick the bird of the month, and as you may have guessed, August is the month of the flamingo.