Wednesday, August 31, 2022

August Wrap-up

 This is the first time I have created a summary of a month of blog posts...but this was an intense month with three posts per day, every day, all written in the brand new invisibility font. So let's review...

The Sheep quilt was partially quilted when it went to the state fair...each sheep still needs some quilting in their face, and the border needs quilting. I quilted it on a Juki (TL2010Q) and I am on a steep learning curve. I like the machine a lot because it has automatic needle down. Unfortunately, the needle down for my Bernina is in the foot pedal which cuts the thread on a Juki. There was a lot of swearing until I bought a rubber stopper that stops this "feature." And I broke five needles before I realized that three safety pins were embedded inside the quilt.

Molly refuses to tell me how they got there and that makes me question her value as my surveillance system. In any case, I was able to work two of the pins out the back of the quilt through the seam in the backing, but one pin is now closed but enclosed within the face of one of the red sheep. 

Next up for quilting is En Provence by Bonnie Hunter. Clark County Quiltfest is going to have a display of Bonnie Hunter inspired quilts, so I see this as an opportunity to finally get this quilted. The Sheep will also be at that show in October. 

And we can't end August without some orange bow-ties...made more mysterious with spooky lighting and a sagging design wall. (The design wall is not the only thing sagging in this household). P.S. August is Molly and Buddy's birthday month and they turned 7 years old. Each.