Thursday, May 26, 2022

Surveillance State

I have moved all the flat fold fabric to its new locations and have commandeered all the hunks that range from 1/8 to 1/2 yard. But there are still unresolved piles...some of which were projects that I started and lost somewhere along the way. The squares are one of them. Lynn Dykstra conceived of these squares as a one-a-day project, if I remember it correctly. I liked using this idea for highlighting fabrics I like (especially the small last bits.) So now that I found it, I'm adding to it until I lose it again. The middle squares are 2.5 inches and the outer frame is cut 1.25 inches.

I tend to stick to old technologies even when I no longer remember why I got them. This old home surveillance system is definitely an older model that is getting on my nerves. Out of eight drawers in the bathroom, it requires FOUR empty drawers or its error alarm goes off. And, of course, the error alarm goes off a lot anyway. 

Saturday, May 21, 2022

Some Sewing?

 I hope you don't mind me reverting back to the old version of this blog (words with pictures). It is much more cluttered than the minimalist new version.

Here are some recent bowties...catching up with pink and adding this month's green for the Rainbow Scrappy Challenge. If you would like more green in your life, make sure to check in over at Angela's blog SoScrappy.

Here are larger green bow-ties...these are made from 2.5 inch squares while the smaller ones use a 2 inch square.

Here in the Northwest, our spring has been wetter and cooler than normal. So this weekend is when I can finally plant the tomatoes and peppers. The artichoke in the front yard is quite happy with the weather.

I just love a plant with a great sense of humor.

And in anticipation of summer heat and smoke, I am having a ductless heat pump installed...and the unit needs to go on this wall. Here I am starting the move.

Of course, I had help that was no help.