Saturday, December 26, 2020

Buddy's Scrap Management and Giveaway

Buddy understands how easily one can feel overwhelmed by scraps. And he understands that a lot of quilters try to organize them or use them up or engage in other "molly-coddling" activities.

Buddy's management system lets the scrap know who is boss. Grab the scrap(s) with your front paws and then kick, kick, KICK with your back paws. After effective management, the scraps will know who is boss and you can stroll through your sewing room feeling all of the respect that you have earned. (This does not apply to sisters.)

And now that you feel all of that respect, I am certain that you want more scraps. If you want more respect, please leave a comment letting me know what type of respect you would like...that is, do you want a certain color of scrap, novelty prints, modern or traditional. Three winners will be picked randomly on New Year's Eve.  Unfortunately, this fabric giveaway excludes those outside of the U.S. and no-reply commenters. 

Molly also notes that you may receive unmanaged scraps and she accepts no liability from anyone taking advice from Buddy.

Friday, December 25, 2020


Here is your first lesson in the series "Buddy Presents Patchwork" . 

First, the easiest way to sew patchwork is strip piecing where one sews the butt end of one strip to the head end of another strip. This is how a jellyroll quilt is made.

Alternatively, you can sew a Y-seam, where two sides of a patch are sewn into the interior of a V shape. It is called a Y-seam because one should always ask WHY are you doing this? Are you showing off? Or are you just trying to annoy your sister?

Meanwhile, if you stop by tomorrow, we are going to have another fabric giveaway to countdown the end of this year. It might be nice to collect comments on a post tomorrow and then pick a winner on New Year's Eve. 

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Conversation Overheard

Thunder:  Hey Lightning...I think I saw her move.

Lightning: Yes, she did move. But then so did you. You're going to be a blur in this photo. And quit calling me Lightning.

Thunder: Thunder likes to chase Lightning and bite her.

Molly Kitten: And you know that's not how it works out in real life?

Buddy: Sigh.

Molly Kitten: How do you think she's going to feel when she finds how that the new Apple "upgrade" includes a new file format that is incompatible with her 2019 Adobe photo editing software?

Buddy: I may have to go hide under the bed.

Molly Kitten: I think I'll sit on the desk while she tries to convert the photo AND then edit it because the steam coming out of her ears will be quite warming.

Buddy: I bet you'll also knock stuff off the desk while she's doing it. 

Molly Kitten: This is the way.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Spools and Packages

Here is my micro proof of some sewing. I know a lot of you sew a lot more while facing many more daunting challenges than I do. 

Today, Molly took over the sewing machine chair. Next to it, I have a small iron that is perfect for pressing the microspools. And to avoid supervision at the sewing machine that included a hot iron, I thought it was safer to move to the floor to remove the iron from potential gravity experiments.

Unfortunately, the floor opens up the activity to just about any land-based mammal...even ones who think that brown-striped pants go with anything.

 Molly wants me to mention that I took the fabric give-away packages to the post office this morning.  I am sending flat rate envelopes this time because they are more lenient with packing than the small boxes. 

Of course, there are often nuisances to deal with. Yesterday when I tried to print the postage/labels I discovered someone is trying to take De Joy out of Christmas and the USPS website wasn't working. The last time I tried to print labels, the website was super slow and timed right after taking payment.

And now Molly wants me to admit that the only reason I went into a discussion of printing labels was so I could make my stupid pun. Admitted. She also wants me to acknowledge how much help she provides picking out the fabric. For example, when I bend over, she likes to jump on my back so I can feel the full weight of the decision I'm making. She also likes to make sure that I pay attention to what I'm doing when I cut hunks off of flat folds. That said, she won't admit that she tucked her paw in as a bit of stupid physical humor.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

December Fabric Giveaway Winners

This is how I started the year and I'm ending the year looking for something to post so I can announce the giveaway winners. Looking back at the beginning of year, I am struck by how much more energy and enthusiasm I had at the start to what I have now at the end of the year. What could possibly cause such a phenomenal drain of energy? 

I had the exact same thought...the "Put A Bird On It" challenge. Especially the sock drawer.

Meanwhile, let's get to the fun stuff...the three winners are...

7.   PamelaNovember 28, 2020 at 6:24 PM II would love some grays! I have lots of bright scraps I've been saving for a scrap quilt and the grays would make them pop. A few Molly hairs would blend right in too. They will contrast well with the orange hair in my scrap basket. Thanks for your generosity!

11.  Lisa MarieNovember 29, 2020 at 4:19 AM Wow, what a gorgeous stack of grey fabrics! Should I be the lucky winner I would enjoy grey scraps and/or bright colored scraps. Your generosity with these giveaways is so wonderful. Thank you.

23.  NancyNovember 29, 2020 at 6:32 PM No greys for me, thank you, but I'm still collecting fabrics with roses, pink fabric, and browns. Thanks for offering. You're so very generous!

I will be in touch by email to get the particulars of what you are interested in (such as scrap size) and where you would like me to send the package.