Saturday, March 4, 2023

Cool Cat: Project Quilting Challenge 5 (Not a Square)

 Project Quilting's fifth challenge was to make a "Not a Square" quilt. Of course, "not a square" is a bit of a riddle, but the obvious answer is "Cool Cat." And I hope the judges go light on contestants who get this wrong and in true Project Runway fashion eliminate them with scathing comments about how costumes are not avant garde! 

The "Cool Cat" quilt is 14 in by 22 in. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Feline Input and Output

 I stepped out to run an errand yesterday and returned to a cat's critique of the "Not Square" design. Apparently what it was lacking was a dead opossum. This stuffed possum usually travels around the house some time after midnight...accompanied with loud meows if its Molly and high squeaks if its Buddy. I'm not certain whether I'm supposed to add an image of an opossum or attach the actual stuffed animal. 

And here is a photo of Buddy projected on the wall. In this version, he is about 3 ft in length. How large should Buddy be?

Meanwhile, I ran across this photo of my front yard in Virginia. It was always fun to go out and see the tracks of the various animals that had been out and about. Here in Portland, the only animal that left tracks in the snow was the black cat with territorial issues. I didn't have to go outside though because he came up under the front window to glare at two cats nestled in their heated beds.